Is Minister Narayana Ready To Resign?

Nellore: YSRCP's MLA of Nellore city, Anil Kumar Yadav challenged minister Narayana to resign if it was proven that canal was occupied during that construction of his college and stated that he was ready to resign if it was proven otherwise. He demanded inquiry by high level fact finding committee in the supervision of the district's collector in the matter of this occupation.

Speaking to the media at Nellore, Anil Kumar Yadav stated that he woud stick to his statement of calling the minister a psycho, questioning if it was not odd to intend to eliminate houses using police force, with no care for 500 families. He condemned TDP district president Ravi Chandra's statements and questioned if Ravi Chandra was ready to resign in case minister Narayana did not. He suggested they should make it clear how far they would go back on occupying Sarvepalli canal from Mansoornagar and then carry on their work with everybody's approval.

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