Method of disqualification not correct

Vijayamma leading party MLAs' rally from Ambedkar statue to the assembly

Hyderabad, June 10,
2013: YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma on Monday
strongly objected to the method employed in the disqualification of 15 MLAs-9
of Congress and 6 of TDP-for violating the whip of their respective parties
during the no-trust motion.

Speaking to reporters
before leading a protest rally of party MLAs from Ambedkar statue on Tank Bund to the
assembly for attending the first day of its renewed budget session, she faulted
the way the MLAs were disqualified.

“The whole scheme of
disqualification seems to be aimed at avoiding by-elections and saving the
Government from further embarrassing situations,” she remarked, adding that the
Congress is worried of losing the by- polls if held.

When asked on the MLAs
carrying the India Today copies that showed images of Chandrababu Naidu and
Kiran Kumar for its cover page story Secret
, Vijayamma said their friendship is well known to people.

“Both Chandrababu and
Kiran Kumar have been together from Kadapa by-polls to MLCs polls to the
appointment of information commissioners and to the support TDP has extended to
the UPA on the FDA bill,” she said, adding people are in the know of all these

Smt. Vijayamma reiterated
her charge that the Government has been imposing additional financial burden on
the people with new taxes and hiking the power and other charges only with the
support of Chandrababu Naidu.

“People are in the know
of things that Chandrababu and CM Kiran Kumar have had a political fixing.
Chandrababu had once introduced no-trust motion in the assembly after the PRP
had merged with the Congress and now, he is thinking of introducing
no-confidence motion following the disqualification of 15 MLAs,” she said,
adding Naidu has been doing it all to save the Government as part of the
conspiracy against YSRCP Chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

What more proof do you need
to say they have entered into a political fixing, she asked.

Smt. Vijayamma
indicated that the YSRCP MLAs would question the Government in the assembly for
abdicating people’s welfare and its lackadaisical approach towards people’s

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