Master plan reveals the truth:

Mangalagiri: The Guntur district MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy (RK) fired on the chief minister stating that the Chief Minister Chandra Babu is deceiving people and his frauds are revealed by the Amaravati Capital formation master plan. He stated that there is no wonder, Naidu has behaved worst and threatened the farmers to move away from their places with the support of police, tortured the farmers and even burnt the fields and houses of farmers. RK questioned that binding to the foreign company the government is not in a position to assign lands to the famers now, then, if the Singapore company insists that a village has to be shifted, then can we expect that government to stop that? and addressed the issue to Media.

Though it was promised that the farmers who are supporting the capital construction will be taken care of, still there is a conspiracy going on to evacuate the villages, farmers expressed their concern. capital Amravati formation is not for the sake of people but to enhance the illegal earnings of his son and his followers accused RK. During land pooling the main officials and other leaders assured the farmers by visiting each house, however at this point of mobilization neither minister Narayana nor Pulla rao are not in the picture. Further the declaration of  the villages to support farmers is not released so far.

The YSRCP declared that they will fight for the villagers to get the allotment of commercial and residential areas if there is no declaration of these issues, for all the farmers and people of nine villages. YS Jagan suggested that the land acquired in the capital city should be divided into zones and allotted to farmers with which the farmers can initiate their own commercial businesses and gain profits, but, Naidu is not bothered about the Capital and farmers but only wanted to favor the business of his son and his followers.

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