Lubber Singh or Gabbar Singh: Roja

Kakinada: YSR Congress Party MLA RK Roja launched a scathing attack on Pawan Kalyan for his silence on the TDP government. Roja asked why Pawan Kalyan has remained silent when Chandrababu is cheating Kapus by going back on poll promises.
"Where is he who floated party to question? Why the person who projected himself as the brand ambassador of handlooms wasn't vocal about GST? He himself has to decide if he is Lubber Singh or Gabbar Singh. If he is really concerned about people's welfare, Start questioning the injustice done by the State Government," Roja asked.
The YSRCP MLA aslo came down heavily on Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas for making controversial comments over the deaths of tribals due to viral fevers. "You climb mountains for Votes. But, Can't you offer water for Tribals?,' she asked.
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