Lokesh Does Not Deserve To Sit With Political Veterans

  • TDP memberships with illegal income
  • Membership registration with photos on voters' list
  • TDP membership to YSRCP SC cell secretary Lazar 
  • Chandrababu's rule is not good for the state
  • YSRCP's city president, Vellampally Srinivas
Vijayawada: Commenting that TDP's principal secretary, Nara Lokesh, did not deserve to sit in the same house with political veterans, YSRCP's president of Vijayawada city, Vellampally Srinivas, complained that TDP was trying to buy YSRCP activists just as it bought MLAs with corrupt money. He condemned registering TDP membership from voters' list.

He showed it with evidences how Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy's followers had been listed as TDP members at the 26th ward of Vijayawada city. speaking to the media at Vijayawada, he ridiculed that just like 70 lakh membership registrations were being shown, 120 crore registrations also could be done in whole India. He mentioned names like Vasantha, Veeraiah and Lazar, who were devoted followers of YSR and without whose knowledge their names had been added in TDP membership list.

Who asked to announce assets?
Questioning who had asked for Chandrababu's family's assets, Vellampally reminded how Nara Lokesh had announced his during filing nomination for MLC elections and stated how his assets had multiplied by 22 times in 6 months, much to everybody's chagrin. Mentioning that the circulation of such doubts on the social media had caused Lokesh to develop vengeful attitude towards Sakshi group, he commented that Lokesh had earned MLC nomination projecting 70 lakh memberships registered in TDP, by foul means.

Offers to people in the name of membership
Vellampally complained that people were being enticed with insurance and health schemes and making fake registrations with pictures drawn from voters' lists and cautioned that they would fight against this legally. He stated that he had brought four sample cases to show how TDP had been bragging about 70 lakh memberships with such unethical acts, condemning them on behalf of YSRCP.
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