Letter of Appeal to Dr. BR Ambedkar

Hyderabad: With
no possibility of having their voice heard in the assembly, YSRCP president and
leader of opposition YS Jagan marched to Tank Bund, followed by YSRCP MLAs.
They reached the statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar on the tank bund and appealed to it.
They performed anointment to Ambedkar’s statue and gave an appealing letter
regarding not allowing MLA Roja into assembly in spite of getting orders from
High Court.

YSRCP leaders including president YS Jagan did not
get the opportunity to speak in the assembly regarding allowing MLA Roja into
the house in spite of sincere attempts. As the speaker did not allow them to
speak, they surrounded the speaker’s podium and severely protested by raising
slogans saying “We want justice”. Due to this havoc, the assembly got adjourned
twice for 10 minutes each and finally got adjourned to Monday. Then YSRCP MLAs
came out of the assembly, consoled Roja who was protesting outside the assembly,
extended their support to her and then marched to the Tank Bund.

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