Let's not forget YSR's contribution to Metro Rail

As we inaugurate Metro Rail, Let's remember the man who initiated it
YSR, the hero who made Metro a reality. 
Let's not forget YSR's contribution to Metro Rail

As Metro rail is all set to chug, there are many claimants for taking credit. The Present  Government is claiming the project as its contribution. TDP is always there to claim credit.
But, who should get the credit for the Metro rail in Hyderabad? Undoubtedly Dr. YSR. It was YSR, who first envisaged Metro rail to provide respite to the hapless commuter caught in traffic snarls. He envisaged metro as a pollution free public transport and an answer to the traffic woes.

It was on YSR’s insistence that Delhi Metro Rail authorities came to Hyderabad in 2005-07 and prepared a comprehensive project report. YSR had originally envisaged three corridors with a total length of 73 km in the first phase. The works were to be taken up in LB Nagar-Miyapur stretch of 29 km, JBS and Falakuma (15 km) and Nagole to Rayadurgam (29 km).

YSR took lot of interest and showed great initiative in getting all the necessary clearances. The metro rail office was set up in 2009 July and the tender process began soon after. He also decided to take up the project in Public-Private Partnership mode.

Initially, the contract was given to Maytas. But, when Maytas was involved in financial misdemeanors, he called for global tenders and awarded the contract to L & T.

At the root of the present day Metro success lies the indefatigable efforts of late YSR. It was his dream to have Metro rail in the city. Isn’t it time to spare a thought for late YSR at the time when the Metro is being inaugurated?
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