Let Us Walk In Coordination To Fight Against Govt.'s Failure

  • Let's work like soldiers to make YS Jagan our CM
  • Let us mobilise youth againt Chandrababu's corrupt rule
  • YSR Sevadal's state president Dr. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy speaks
  • Medo mathana sadassu held by youth wing and student wing of YSRCP 
Tirupati Rural: YSR Sevadal president, observer of youth and student wings of YSRCP and MLA Dr. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, commented that corrupt and unethical rule had been going on in the state. He held a Medo Mathana Sadassu at Tirupati at Tirupati to mobilise the youth. Rajampet MP, Peddireddy Mithun Reddy, participated in the meeting.
MLA Dr.Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, who presided the meeting, addressed the presidents of the youth and the student wings of YSRCP. Speaking on the occasion, he commented that Chandrababu had been running state like it was a private company and called Chandrababu a betrayer for not keeping his promises.

Chevireddy remarked that Chandrababu's behaviour in the matter of special category status was like Tughlaq's rule. Opining that the youth played a crucial role in consolidation of the party, he proclaimed that there would be no shortcuts in the path of success and the commitment, dedication and hard work would pay.
Jakkampudi Raja spoke on this occasion and called for initiating fight against the Government's failure right from Tirupati. He suggested that the youth should walk in coordination with leaders and party representatives from the basic level. He called for holding service activities at village and mandal levels on the 21st of this month on account of YSRCP president YS Jagan's birthday.

Ananthapuram district's youth wing president, Aluri Sambasiva Rao, suggested that the youth should be encouraged to participate in social service activities. He called for hindering Chandrababu's trial to give away 16,000 acres of land in the district to foreign companies and suggested holding a Pada Yatra for that.

Prakasam district's youth wing president, Ramanaidu, called for to devise a special action plan to attract neutral voters. Kadapa sistrict's youth wing president, Rajasekhar, suggested that  youth wings should examine the party activities from booth level.

Bike rally
YSRCP's state general secretary, Ketam Jayachandra Reddy, arranged for a huge bike rally to welcome Jakkampudi Raja, who was coming to Tirupati as the party's youth wing president. Hundreds of bikes rallied from Karakampadu via Lelamahal Subbalakshmi circle to Uday International hotel.
Participating in this event were YSRCP youth wing's state general secretary Obul Reddy, Sudarshan Reddy, state secretary Murali, Krishna Chaitanya Yadav, Kishore, Lakshmipati, Imam and state executive members.
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