Let Us Be Ready To Fight

  • Let us fight against the hike in charges
  • TRS is leaving Telangana state to suffer
  • Make people aware of the injustice being done to them
  • TYSRCP calls for the party cadre
Hyderabad: TYSRCP president Gattu Srikanth Reddy called for the leaders and the activists of the party to get ready to fight against the hike in electricity and RTC charges. Speaking during the party's Greater Hyderabad wing general body meeting presided by the party's city president Boddu Sainath Reddy at the party's central office in Hyderabad, Srikanth Reddy mentioned that Telangana had been formed as a result of sacrifice of many great leaders, but TRS had been slaughtering the spirit.
Srikanth Reddy remarked that Bangaru Telangana that had been promised was nowhere to be seen. He reminded that former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy had never imposed such heavy hike in prices on people. He stated that the people were fed up with the anti-people ways of the Government and called for the party cadre to reach the people and explain to them about the injustice they were facing. Srikanth Reddy suggested that the Greater Hyderabad division committees were completed by the 28th of this month.
The party's national general secretary Nalla Surya Prakash and the state official spokesman Konda Raghava Reddy spoke to call for consolidation of TYSRCP in Greater Hyderabad area by taking the ideals and principles of YSR into the people. They suggested explaining the price hike to be imposed on the people and bringing awareness in them.
TYSRCP's general secretaries K.Siva Kumar, Mateen, Jinnareddy mahender Reddy, women's wing president Amrutha Sagar, president of Rangareddy district B.Srinivasa Reddy, Dr.Praphulla Reddy and Raghurami Reddy participated in the meeting among others.

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