Leaving the Rich, targeting the houses of the poor?

The YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar expressed anger that the Government neglected
the People of Nellore, who were badly hit by the rains. He demanded that
the Government should immediately help the people as they have lost
everything in the massive Cyclone. The Prime Minister who announced
Rs.939 crores to Tamilnadu immediately after the Cyclone has ignored the
people of Andhra Pradesh. He said that Chandrababu is not doing
anything to get funds from the Center and is behaving very carelessly.

Kumar said that the Chief Minister and the Ministers cannot talk as
they wish to the people who have constructed houses on the Canal banks.
He said that it is ridiculous to say that the water has flooded the city
only because the public have constructed the houses with greediness on
canal banks. He added that the party will not tolerate if the houses of
the poor, who were staying there from decades were demolished. The
Government is trying to leave the houses of the rich and show their
force on the poor. He questioned that does the College belonging to
Minister Narayana has a canal or not? Till now, not even one paisa aid
was given to the cyclone victims. He demanded that immediate assistance
be provided to the people of Nellore.

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