Kummari Community Requests Jagan to Protect Their Profession

The representatives of Kummari (Clay  Pot Makers)  caste requested YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to save their centuries old traditional occupation from the extinction.  They explained their woes including scarcity of  raw materials and non availability of medical facilities to their community. They also brought to the notice of  the leader the harasssment of  Janmabhumi committees. 
YS Jagan made the promise of  providing Rs 2,000 old age pension to every eligible person  and allot one MLC seat to the particular community once it comes to the power.  He also explained the Navaratnas which will be brought into force once his party comes to the power.  
A group of farmers also met the YSR Congress leader and informed that they were deprived of new loans as the pending debts were yet to be waived by the government.  The increasing role of middle men burdened them and failed to get remunerative price. Farmers requested the leader to address all their plights. YS Jagan told them he will make Agriculture a profitable profession soon.
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