Jagan phenomenon hits FB like tsunami

The name of YSR Congress party president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, or Jagan as he is popularly known, is a phenomenon unto itself.

The Jagan phenomenon has hit the most popular social networking website Facebook like a tsunami and self organized groups expressing solidarity for him are growing day by day on the site with around a hundred groups at the present.

Most of the groups are divided into open and closed categories and the most groups are named as YS Jagan, YS Jagan Yuva Sena and YS Jagan Youth. The charisma of Jagan was omnipresent on the FB as dozens of groups showing solidarity with Jagan have come up by their town and area name.

Other groups such as YS Jagan Youth Congress, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, YS Jagan Fan Club (YSRCP), YS Jagan Fans, YS Jagan—Jaganism, YS Jagan Supporters, YS Jagan Mini Youth Force, YS Jagan Reddy supporters, YS Jagan-the leader, YS Jagan Abhimanulu, YS Jagan Die Hard Fans, I love YS Jagan and YS Jagan’s Political Fans have also become very popular.

The majority of FB groups are formed from hamlets and small towns indicating the worth of love and affection Jagan carries among the rural populace across the state. The number of likes for profile of Jagan has been running into thousands and growing multifold day by day.

One of the fans expressed his appreciation of Jagan in the following Telugu words. “Evadu Kodithe Sonia, CBI and Ramoji mind black ayi ,shake avuddo, vade ee Kadapa Tiger”.

(Updated on Sept 27, 2012)
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