Jagan vows to bring back YSR golden era

Idupulapaya (YSR Kadapa
dist), Feb 3, 2014: Sounding the election bugle, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has presented
the picture of the welfare state YSRCP would usher in after coming to power by
announcing a string of welfare measures to all sections of society with a
promise to infuse credibility into the decaying political system.

Addressing the second
plenary after being elected president of the Party, he said: “What is needed is
credibility and sincerity and after my interaction with various sections of
people during my Odarpu Yatra and seeing misrule of Congress following the
death of YSR, I could understand the plight of students, women, old people and

Farmers’ welfare will be
the top priority for our government and our motto is to see them happy. We will
set up a Market Stabilisation Fund and see to it that Minimum Support Price
(MSP) is not an issue anymore. Power supply will be provided for 7 hours
initially and will gradually be increased to 9 hours.

New service of 101 will
begin to take care of the soil testing and other advices to farmers and 102
will be started to take care of the livestock as a veterinary clinic.

These apart two ministers
will be assigned the portfolio of Agriculture to benefit the farmers, he said.

New life will be breathed
into Aarogyasri scheme and we will bring back all the deleted ailments from the
list and add more. The 104, 108 services will be made more effective and
vibrant. They will be fully functional and equipped with all necessary

Immediately after coming to
power the old age pension would be increased to Rs 700 from the present Rs 200
and Amma Vadi scheme will be introduced where Rs 1,000 would be credited to the
mother’s account for the education of her two kids.

The DWACRA groups are being
harassed with penalties by present government as the entire group has to suffer
for one defaulter. This order will be changed, all loans of DWACRA groups would
be waived and loans would be provided without interest, he said.

Fees reimbursement has been
watered down but my government will earmark more than enough fund of Rs 6,500
crores for that purpose and fulfill YSR dreams.

All belt shops (illegal
country liquor shops) will be closed and local women will be appointed in the
police force for that purpose. Twelve LPG cylinders will be supplied at
subsidized rates annually with or without cards and Rs 100 subsidy would be
borne by the State Government, he said.

He pooh-poohed at N
Chandrababu Naidu’s claim that he would waive the agriculture loans. The loans
are about 1, 27,000 crores and waiver of such loans is not possible. “Do not be
carried away by such impractical and tall promises. He has usurped power from
NTR and is invoking the same person for votes which shows his moral standards,”
the new President of YSRCP has said.

On the state division
issue, he said: Sonia Gandhi wants to divide the state for political reasons
and make her son Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister. Kiran Kumar Reddy and N
Chandrababu Naidu have been helping her throughout.

“When we take the united
state slogan it means welfare of all the three regions and equal justice. This
can happen only in a united state and YSR had given top priority to Telangana
in many areas, more so in irrigation projects.

If Kiran Kumar Reddy says
that he is for a united state why did he not react immediately after the
Congress took a decision to split the state some eight months back? Naidu on
the other hand has given a letter in favour of division. If they are for a
united state, why did they not give affidavits to the President to that effect
and why did they not hold dhrnas or go on fast.

What they are wearing is
only a mask of united state. In four months time we will go for elections and we
shall fight a united battle and win 30 MP seats and dictate terms to Delhi and
see to it that the Prime Minister will be a person who is in favour of a united

Listing out the murky
politics that took various turns during the past two years, he said, we have
seen politics of vindictive variations that had put people in jail and kept
popular leaders away from people. We have seen Chandrababu Naidu seeing to it
that his MPs abstain from the crucial FDI voting while I voted against the
Congress though I was in jail.

Even while I was in jail my
party has voted against the anti-people Kiran Kumar Reddy government but TDP
leader has issued a whip and saved the government as he had a pact with
Congress and was saving it at the Centre and State in lieu of ignoring the
corruption charges against him in IMG and Emaar scams.

In my case the bail which
should have come in 90 days in normal course took 16 months during which time a
lot of murky water has passed through political bridge. A section of press had
joined the vested interests and started intimidating me and my family with
horrific stories that I will be sent to Tihar jail and will not come out and
the like.

During such a bad patch it
was my mother, sister, my wife and the party leaders and cadre that upheld the
Party and took it forward proving my father’s words that “it is not how long
you lived but how you lived those years does matter.”

The atrocious period of
nine-year term of Chandrababu Naidu which has driven farmers to suicides and
took anti-people decision was sealed when YSR took over as Chief Minister. His
experiences during the padayatra had enabled him to draft various welfare
schemes and it was golden era.

After his death came the
Krian Kumar Reddy government which has imposed a burden of Rs 32,000 crores
through power charges hikes and surcharges and is reminding the TDP government
under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu.

People are vexed and are
looking ahead for a change which we have to bring in and cleanse the political
system, he said.

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