Jagan seeks national status to Dummugudem

Manyavar Narederji Modi, 
Honorable Prime Minister, 
South Block, 
Raisina Hill, 
New Delhi 110011. 
Respected Sir, 

Sub: Taking up the Jyotirao Phule Dummugudem-Nagarj unasagar tail pond irrigation project as a national project—Regd/- 

I write this letter to you, Honorable Prime Minister, with all earnestness and concern for  the welfare of the farmers of the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with a  strong appeal to treat the above mentioned venture as a National project. 

Despite the bifurcation blues, Jyotirao Phule Dummugudem irrigation project benefits  the two states with the flood waters of River Godavari being diverted to Nagarjunasagar  for irrigation needs. There are two lift irrigation schemes under the project which are  located at Dummugudem in Khammam district of Telangana State. It will not be out of  place to mention that Khamam is represented in the Lok Sabha by our Party. 

The two lift irrigation projects are planned to provide water for irrigation in an extent of over four lakh acres in Khammam and Warangal districts of Telangana state besides  West Godavari and Krishna districts in Andhra Pradesh. The aim of the project is to divert the Godavri flood waters to Nagarjunasagar tail pond located across Krishna River. 


Godavari and Krishna are the two major rivers that run through the undivided Andhra  Pradesh state. The upstream of River Godavari will not witness much of floods but downstream nearly 2,000 TMC of water will go waste into the sea through  Dhawaleswaram. 

Krishna River is the second largest one and many projects were taken up; but as the Upper Riparian States have increased the irrigation projects count, the situation has come to such a pas that there is no water for projects in Krishna basin. 

As mentioned earlier, the Jyothirao Plule Dummugudem project, which is proposed to be built 45 km from Bhadrachalam on River Godavari, aims at diverting 165 TMC of flood waters through lift irrigation to Nagarjunasagar during the floods which would be around 80 days in a year. 

While 41.5 TMC would be left for Khammam the rest will be diverted to the Nagarjunasagar Tail Pond in Krishna district en route it will run through Halia River in 
Nalgonda district. 

The water thus diverted will benefit Srisailam Left Bank Canal (SLBC) and the irrigation projects viz. Kalwakurthy, Nettempadu, Handri-Neva, Galeru-Naagari, Velugonda, spread across both the States will stand to gain with the diversion of Godavari waters. 

I have explained to you in detail about the status of Dummugudem project and humbly request you to ensure that works are revived and expedited and declare it as a national project which enables the project to be completed early.

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