Jagan with people

The YSRCP President, Jagan is always known for his love towards people.
Wherever he goes, he will become a part of that people. It is evident
in the present Raithu Bharosa  Yatra where People in lakhs are supported
by his visit.

Based on the third phase of Raithu Bharosa Yatra, the YSRCP President visited Kalyana Durgam constituency on Wednesday.
He performed the Bhumi Puja for the future Party office to be
constructed in Kalyana Durgam. As a part of this program, party members,
leaders, fans and Party District Leaders attended the program. Later,
he visited Pobbara Palli Village, Brahma Samudram Mandal, to console the
family members of the Farmer Eeranna, who committed suicide. Later he
consoled the family of Boya Narayanappa in Mudigillu and Family of
Gangappa in Parni and gave assurance.

people behind the leader are clearly visible. They are like a huge a
sea coming from various places and villages to meet and support the
Yatra initiated  by Jagan. The Farmers assurance Yatra was successful
with the support of fans, party members and Party Leaders.

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