Jagan Hits Out At Chandrababu Naidu's Govt.

Nidamarru, Jan 19: Hitting hard at Chandrababu Naidu for his lopsided land pooling policy which is heavily tilted in favour of Singapore companies and his coterie and forcing the farmers to part with their multi-crop lands for a pittance, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the State has been resorting to vindictive activities against those who are not willing to part with their land and affirmed that such injustice should fought at any cost.

Addressing the affected people here on Thursday, who spoke their mind out on the injustice being meted out by the state, he said Chandrababu Naidu has been always changing stance on the model of the capital and it is doubtful if he has a master-plan for the capital city as he parrots the city which he visits last and even went to the extent of telling that he would ask a film director to design the city as the setting in his film had all the grandeur.

‘Every thing is temporary for Chandrababu Naidu and even after three years people do not know how the secretariat looks like or how the city would be. He has sanctioned Rs 650 crore for the temporary secretariat at the rate of Rs 10,000 per square feet which is exorbitant and it is to benefit his coterie and the Singapore companies and when it comes to pay compensation to the farmers for their multi-crop lands he becomes tight fisted. His government is steeped in corruption and is involved in many scams, which also includes those in the capital area region.

When people refused to part with their lands he has been using all the methods including force and vindictive means to harass them. During land acquisition, he has assured that not a single house would be pulled down but now he has identified all those villages and persons who refused to give their lands and has seen to it that a four lane 200-feet road passes through the villages razing the houses and crops or putting the villages in agriculture zone while other lands purchased by his coterie in the commercial zone.

Even assigned lands were not left out and weaker sections were made to toil and their land was changed into government land and the 1000 yards given to them has neither registration nor development and they are unable to take possession of the land. The affected people have told him that they are getting a raw deal in the land pooling process.

Earlier at Vijayawada addressing the affected people at Kanakadurga varadhi, he said the Government was forcibly acquiring land at a pittance and quoting a meager price in the name of seed capital access road, Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the land will not be parted with unless a fair price is given and condemned the arrogance of the state in pulling down houses in the name of road laying and development without giving due compensation.

The state has been giving only a fraction of the original cost of the land and such practice should be fought tooth and nail. The land which cost over 15 cores is being asked for just Rs 30 lakhs which is a yawning mismatch.’ His interaction and tour of the capital area region has been delayed due to the heavy restrictions and change of route plan by the official machinery.

It is sad to note that 300 families are rendered homeless in the name of access land and forcibly acquiring 25 acres of land. Though an alternative route was proposed from Surayapalem to Mangalagiri, Chandrababu Naidu government did not even start the work so far and the need for seed capital access road would not have arisen, he said adding that the Chief Minister has been delaying the issue.

Now the land here would fetch Rs 15 crore per acre but he has been asking it for Rs 30 lakh per acre and 300 families have lost shelter in the acquisition of 25 acres of land from the small and marginal farmers having small holdings, he said.

‘We are not against development but we oppose such nefarious anti-people policies, he said assured the affected people that he would stand by them and take up their cause and this malpractice should be exposed,’ he said. We shall highlight the grievances and bring it to the lime light and see that adequate price is paid and will stand by you in the fight against the injustice. The affected people have narrated their hardships and how they were subjected to unfair deals and were forced to give up their land and houses.

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