It’s Time People Question Chandrababu

Hyderabad, Oct 15: YSR Congress has said it is high time that people questioned Chandrababu Naidu for going back on his poll promises and the affected sections should rise to the occasion like the Kapus who are on the path of agitation seeking the fulfillment of the poll promise on reservations to the community. Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, party leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said:’ we extend our full support to the Kapu agitation seeking reservations as promised by TDP in the election manifesto and all sections that were promised of sops during elections should emulate the kapu community.
We will extend support to all sections that have been cheated by Chandrababu Naidu in gong back on the poll promises and it is high time that they assert themselves and take the path of agitation.’ The contract workers were assured of regularisation but nothing was done in that direction and according an estimate in the Power Sector itself there are over 50,000 employees waiting for regularisation and every department has a considerable number of contract employees who believed the poll promise of Chandrababu Naidu.
Though it was promised in the manifesto despite remarks by Supreme Court, the State has been trying find ways out to evade the regularisation process. The cabinet sub-committee appointed has been busy in finding out how to avoid the demands. Pensions have been curtailed and there are many pending applications as the promise has not been fulfilled along with waiver of agriculture and DWCRA loans and other poll promises.
‘it is time that all those sections organise themselves and question the government and we will give all support as we have been extending solidarity with the Kapu movement,’ he said.

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