Intolerance on coverage - stuck in corruption

Guntur: The YSRCP spokesperson, Ambati Rambabu, commented on Naidu for showing his intolerance on the coverage given by newspapers as he is
stuck in corruption. Naidu conquered crores in sand mafia. Chandrababu Naidu supported Chintamaneni who misbehaved with Vanajakshi who was
against the sand mafia. Within an year Naidu has initiated several corruption programs, commented Ambati.

In the name of Pattiseema, Naidu gained crores of profit and it is  unbelievable if the evils chant prayers and Vedas, commented Ambati. Due to insecurity of getting the evil deeds disclosed by Newspapers, Naidu is firing on the news coverage, said Ambati. He questioned Naidu, can you disclose that the voice shown in News channels? To save himself in getting exposed from the illegal activities committed, Naidu is trying a lot, commented Ambati
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