Injustice To BCs Under Babu's Rule

  • BCs are only being considered as vote bank
  • YSR offered free education to all BCs
  • Babu is imposing the weight of fees on BC students
  • Not giving mic to the leader of opposition is the best example of Babu's tyranny
  • MLA Anil Kumar Yadav
Velagapudi: YSRCP MLA, Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav, slammed Chandrababu for looking down on BC community, after winning with their votes. Reminding how the promised Rs.10,000 crore for BC community's welfare had been evaded by the Government, he condemned the way YS Jagan had been hindered in the assembly from speaking for 2 minutes about their welfare and called it an example of Babu's tyrannical rule.
Anil Kumar exclaimed that BC community had always been treated by TDP as vote bank but nothing else. Reminding how former CM, Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy, had benefited many BC students through fees reimbursement scheme, making many engineers and doctors, he stated that Chandrababu, on the other had imposed the weight of the fees on the students by not implementing fees reimbursement.
Complaining that TDP leaders had not changed at least in the new building as hoped, he questioned what had happened to the BC sub-plan and demanded justice for the community.

Only YSRCP gives importance to BCs
YSRCP MLA, Gummanuru Jayaram, exclaimed that Chandrababu was not doing any good to the BCs and took pity on the poor farmers who could not get their children any education due to Babu. He slammed the Government for not offering at least Rs.35,000 as reimbursement while colleges collected Rs.80,000 as fees. He praised YSR for offering the boon of free education to all BC students during his tenure. Reminding Babu's promise to spend Rs.100 crore, he mentioned that at least Rs.100 had not been spent for them until now. He confided that YSRCP was the only party that really cared for BCs.

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