Indefinite Hunger Strike For Railway Zone

  • The
    centre forgets the bifurcation promises
  • TDP’s
    failure in achieving the realization of promises
  • AP
    loses under TDP-BJP rule
    aims at achieving railway zone
  • Gudipati
    sets out to indefinite strike from the 14th of this month

senior leader Botsa Satyaarayana demanded the Government for the establishment
of special railway zone for Visakhapatnam. He slammed the central and the state
Governments for forgetting the promises made to people at per the bifurcation
act. A round table conference was conducted in the
city pertaining to this under the supervision of YSRCP. Leaders from all
parties attended this meeting. Botsa Satyanaraya spoke during this occasion and
suggested that the issue of special railway zone should not be considered as a
problem of North Andhra region and specified that it was the problem faced by
the whole state.

Botsa commented that it was saddening to see
that cabinet minister had more interest towards increasing the
number of local MLAs rather than towards the people’s problems or towards
achieving special railway zone. He expressed his disapproval towards the MPs of
AP for applauding the Government while the railway budget was being introduced.
He ridiculed that Chandrababu could do nothing but roam around Delhi. Botsa
also condemned TDP MPs’ not fighting on behalf of the people of the state in
the parliament. He cautioned that the people were watching everything and would
teach a lesson when time came.

remarked that it was depressing to see the Telugu state being divided by the
selfishness of certain people. He reminded that a special railway zone had been
promised in the parliament for AP at Visakhapatnam at the time of bifurcation and
complained that neither of the Governments at the centre and the state cared to
realize them. Botsa questioned Chandrababu why he had not put pressure on
Venkaiah Naidu for achieving the special railway zone, when he believed and
acclaimed that the state was lucky to have a Telugu person Venkaiah Naidu in
the cabinet. He reminded that YSRCP president YS Jagan had gone to Delhi a
number of times now in view of requesting the centre for attaining the railway
zone. He confided that YSRCP’s aim was to achieve the special railway zone.

mentioned that Jats had consolidated their protest and attained some rights, so
people from Kapu community also increased pressure on the Government by
protesting. He indicated that YSR Congress Party too would similarly bring
pressure on the Government for the railway zone promised by bifurcation act.
Botsa informed that the district’s YSRCP president Gudiwada Amarnath would sit
for indefinite hunger strike from the 14th of this month in order to
accomplish the railway zone. He called for the leaders and activists of all the
political parties to voluntarily participate in this protest and bring pressure
on the state and the central Governments.


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