Incompetant Lokesh Using The Backdoor

  • Babu's and Lokesh's robbery in the capital city
  • PM away from the insuguration ceremony of temporary capital
  • Lokeshh finding backdoor to evade direct elections
  • We will poke and wake up dormant Chandrababu
  • We will insist on unemployment stipend
  • YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu
Guntur: YSRCP's official spokesman, Ambati Rambabu, remarked that the inauguration of temporary buildings in AP's capital was being held on a simple note because no national leaders were ready to attend the ceremonies, given Babu's and Lokesh's corrupt practices. He spoke to the media at the party's office in Guntur.

Ambati ridiculed the way the inauguration of the new assembly building was being done, given the habit of Chandrababu to spend hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees for events like this. Commenting that Babu had finally started feeling ashamed of pocketing commissions from everywhere, he demanded that a white paper should be released about why Rs.200 crore has been allocated for the temporary buildings but Rs.700 crore had been spent.

Commenting that Chandrababu was bring his son into active politics through backdoor, as he did not dare to make him win in direct elections, he reminded how NTR had once considered legislative council a waste and cancelled it. He ridiculed that Chandrababu was using the same legislative council now to bring his son into active politics now and opined that it was due to Chandrababu's fear of resistance from people and particularly Lokesh's incompetence to win elections. 

Ambati remarked that it was due to the opposition YSRCP that Babu had gotten the intention of giving unemployment stipend after 3 years of his rule. He expressed delight towards the agony of  the unemployed youth reaching Chandrababu at least now, thanks to the efforts of YS Jagan like Yuvabheri programme. Given past incidents, Ambati doubted if the programme would be held properly and impartially.

Ambati also questioned about the realisation of other campaign promises like waiver of agricultural and DWCRA loans and adding Kapu community to BC category. He complained that Babu was trying to overcome the resistance rising from people by bluffing them. He opined that Chandrababu would be poked with the 'vote' weapon by people soon.
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