I Shall Quit Politics If Those MLAs Can Win Again

Vijayawada: Senior leader of
YSRCP and ex.minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy complained that certain MLAs
had defected YSRCP just by enticement from TDP. He challenged that he would
quit politics if the defector MLAs could resign to their posts and win in
by-elections. He demanded that the defectors first resigned to their position
as MLAs and remarked that defection of one’s party was an unethical act.
Peddireddy criticised Chandrababu for luring opposition MLAs with Rs.30-50 crore
money and ministries. He commented that Chandrababu had been used to unfair
means since the beginning for getting into power.

Peddireddy also mentioned that Nara Lokesh was raising curtains to
corruption under the mask of his father’s power. He complained that crores of
rupees were being looted with the name of capital city construction. He opined
that YSR Congress Party was not going to lose anything from the defection of a
handful of MLAs. If ten MLAs left, the party could prepare a hundred of new
leaders in their place, Peddireddy confided. He demanded Chandrababu to make
the defector MLAs resign to their posts if he dared.

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