I Know How It Feels

Visakhapatnam: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan assured the families of the air force personnel who had been aboard the missing air craft that he would speak to the centre into knowing the whereabouts of the air craft that went missing and would try his best to fasten the search operation. He expressed his emotional support to the worried families of the missing personnel.

YS Jagan reached Visakhapatnam this afternoon. First he visited the family of Bhupendra Singh at 104 area. He learnt from them the events that took place on the day the air craft had gone missing. He filled courage in Singh's parents. He knew the details about the search operation from the defense department. YS Jagan mentioned that he personally knew how distressing such events could be, revealing how tensed they had become when YSR's helicopter went missing a few years back. He assured support to the family on behalf of YSRCP.

Then he also visited the families of the rest of the personnel aboard, who are from Visakhapatnam.

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