How On Earth Could Babu Inspire Satya Nadella?

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA and PAC chairman Buggana Rajendranath called it ridiculous that Chandrababu boasted about himself being inspiration to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. He spoke to the media at the party's central office in Hyderabad.

Buggana mentioned that Satya Nadella had taken his engineering degree in 1988, travelled to America to do post graduation, joined Microsoft in 1992 and worked his way up in the company to now become its CEO. Then how could a person starting to talk about IT during his second term that had started in 1999 give him inspiration, questioned Buggana. He stated that it was silly to write on the TDP website that he had inspired the person who had achieved what he had out of his hard work.

Buggana commented that Chandrababu had grown the habit of crediting himself with whatever good happenes around the world. He reminded that the people whom Babu boasts to have been inspired by him had never mentioned Babu's name in fact.

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