How Could You Deceive Your People?

  • Promise made in Tirupati by the name of God
  • Now they ask what the use of SCS is!
  • We shall achieve SCS under YS Jagan's leadership
  • YSRCP leaders Amzad and Akepati
YSR District: Eleven states in the country were granted special category status after it was decided by the cabinet. Then why was the centre hesitating to grant the status to AP, questioned YSRCP MLA Amzad Basha. He attended and spoke at Chaitanya Patham programme organised in YSR District. He reminded how telecast had been cut off at the time of passing bifurcation bill and BJP supported Congress in passing it. While five crore people of AP were fighting for special category status, the centre was evading its sanction, mentioned it was not in the law. Venkaiah Naidu suggested at the time of bifurcation that the status should be sanctioned for ten years, but had now gone back on his word. He condemned bluffing about special package as being a great boon. He confronted the Governments for not having commitment to offer special status to AP.
Why don't they sanction the status if it is so useless?
When the Governments felt that the special category status was of no use, why did they not give it to AP as they would not have anything to lose from it, questioned YSRCP's president of YSR Kadapa District, Akepati Amarnath Reddy. Speaking at Chaitanya Patham programme, he questioned why people of AP were fighting for it if it was of no use. He reminded how PM Narendra Modi had promised ten years of special category status during his speech at Tirupati and how Chandrababu had promised the status for fifteen years instead and how they had shifted gears to now say that it was of no use. He demanded to know why TDP leaders had invested in the states with special category status. He also questioned why the CM who was talking high about special package, was not making his ministers and MLAs invest in AP instead. Akepati reminded how YSRCP president YS Jagan had been proclaiming since the beginning that AP would develop if special category status was sanctioned to it and had been fighting for the cause through dharnas, strikes and agitations. He declared that they would achieve special category status under the leadership of YS Jagan.

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