Housing under PPP to benefit TDP coterie

Hyderabad, April 1: YSR Congress has said that the TDP government is making moves to involve its cadre and leaders in housing for poor scheme which shows that it has more concern for the profits of its coterie than the actual spirit of the welfare scheme.

‘The state is planning to place the housing for poor scheme in the hands of its own coterie in the garb of public private partnership (PPP) and it is only to give contracts to TDP cadre and leaders as is being done in other aspects by the Janmabhoomi Committee,’ party MLC K Veerabhadraswamy told reporters here on Friday.

The move of PPP is only to give contracts to TDP cadre and the ruling party is making every effort make hay even in the housing for poor, he said.

The state has been ignoring people’s issues and is giving priority to its commercial interests and has no concern for the poor. Prices of essential commodities have been skyrocketing and Chief Minister has been talking very in coherently and people are losing faith in him.

‘In the next elections YSR Congress will come out with flying colours and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would be the next Chief Minister,’ he said.

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