Government's Negligence To Public Health

Tadepalli Rural: MLA of Mangalagiri constituency Alla Ramakrishna Reddy criticised that the district Government officials were functioning like event managers and giving least importance to people and their lives. In an official news release, he mentioned that people in Mangalagiri constituency had been suffering from dengue even before pushkarams, citing a 25-year old person dying in Duggirala mandal from the fever. He stated that the health department officials or the district officials had failed to take any measures in spite of informing them about the situation on the 11th of this month. Ramakrishna Reddy complained that the officials rather kept themselves busy with programmes like demolition of houses for pushkarams. He also stated that the negligence had caused the death of a child in Tadepalli municipality. He suggested that the district Government officials bothered about Public Health at least now.
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