The Governments Have Deceived 5 Crore People

  • AP faced injustice at the time of bifurcation
  • It is shameful of the Government to grant special package instead of special status
  • It has already been 2 years, now it has crossed our levels of tolerance: YSRCP MPs
New Delhi: YSRCP MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy remarked that BJP and TDP had deceived 5 crore people of AP by not sanctioning special category status. He stated that the state had been bifurcated unjustly in the first place and now by not sanctioning the special status, the Governments were making sure AP faced injustice again. Mekapati demanded that AP was to be granted special status and all the promises mentioned in AP reorganisation act had to be kept. YSRCP MPs have been protesting in Lok Sabha since three days, displaying placards and raising slogans.
YSRCP MP Butta Renuka stated that there had not been any change in the centre regarding the issue of special status. She remarked that it was shameful of the Government to promise special package instead of special status. She informed that YSRCP MPs had insisted on the sanction of special status and not just special package. She opined that special status was necessary for the development of AP and that the centre was responsible for sanctioning it.
YSRCP MP  Vara Prasad criticised that BJP had promised to grant special status to AP within 3 months of coming to power but had later changed its word. He mentioned that special status was to be given in accordance with what was mentioned in the reorganisation act. He added that people of AP had already waited long enough and the tolerance limits had been exceeded. He assured that YSRCP would keep fighting until the status was achieved.

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