Government Attempts To Save The Culprits

  • Driver's body never underwent post martum exam
  • Second driver's whereabouts unknown
  • Compensation of Rs.20 lakh should be given to each of the bereaved families
  • No action from the Government towards negligent drivers and travels
  • Police and TDP leaders hinder YS Jagan at Nandigama GH
  • YS Jagan condoles with bereaved families
Nandigama: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, criticised the TDP Government for trying to protect the culprits of road accident in Krishna district. Mentioning how buses of Kesineni travels and Diwakar travels often met with road accidents every year, taking lives of people with negligent driving and least commitment to regulations, he slammed the Government for protecting the culprits over not taking necessary action against them.

The police and the TDP leaders tried to hinder YS Jagan from entering the hospital at Nandigama, leading to a tense situation for some time. YS Jagan slammed the doctors for winding up the affair without conducting post martum examination to the bodies, for protecting the culprits. Speaking to the media on this occasion, he questioned why the doctors were not trying to find out of the driver had been intoxicated when he killed 11 people in the accident.

YS Jagan also questioned about the whereabouts of the second driver of the bus, if he possessed proper driving license and what was his status now. He remarked that the Government had always tried to save the owners of Kesineni and Diwakar travels who were TDP leaders, even if they were not following the necessary regulations. From his inspection of the accident site, YS Jagan predicted that the bus must have travelled with a speed of 150 kmph in order for it to hit the culvert as it did.

YS Jagan demanded that each of the bereaved families should be paid Rs.2 lakh ex gratia. He demanded the bus company to give the same amount to the families in order to prevent such accidents from happening. He suggested that justice should be served impartially to keep such incidents under check. He also opined that the police as well as the media should act with humanity in such circumstances.
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