Ganta - stop the GO No:97

Visakhapatnam: The YSRCP leader, Gudivada Amaranth fired on Chandrababu. Before elections Naidu voiced protests against the bauxite mining. However, now he is supporting the act of mining and stealing the wealth of the tribes which shows his greatness, criticized Amaranth. 

 Based on this incident, Amaranth addressed the media and mentioned that Naidu has to state where are these lakh crores of wealth of tribals going to and its purpose. He also addressed Ganta that, if he has any respect and regards towards Visakhapatnam, he asked Ganta to talk talk about it with the CM and stop the GO No. 97. Amarnath also said that the YSRCP would protest against the government  on behalf of the tribals until the Bauxite mining related GO is stopped. 

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