Freedom Of Speech And Expression At Stake

  • TDP’s sheer failure in
  • Misuse of power with
  • Corrupt rule ignoring
  • People being
  • Parthsarathy slams the
    TDP Government
  • Vijayawada: YSRCP’s
    senior leader Parthasarathy complained that Chandrababu had forgotten the
    promises made in his election manifesto and was making attempts to sidetrack
    people’s attention. He criticised that TDP had miserably failed in achieving
    special status, keeping the promises made to the people in manifesto completing
    Polavaram project and getting funds for the state from the centre. He remarked
    that Babu had however succeeded I purchasing MLAs with crores of rupees of
    corrupt money. He spoke at a media conference arranged in Vijayawada.

    Parthasarathy slammed
    Chandrababu for misusing his authority, employing the police force to slaughter
    democracy on one hand and violate freedom of speech and expression on the other
    hand. He complained that TDP Government had vengefully suppressed the voice of
    Sakshi TV news channel for preventing it from fearlessly exposing the failure
    of the Government and the problems of the people. He stated that even the MSOs
    had been forced to do it against their will. He remarked that TDP had come to
    power only to ridicule democracy. He appealed to the media to take this
    deliberate act of vengeance by the Government into the people.

    mentioned that the Government’s failure in all areas including failure in
    getting funds for the state, capital area land scam, real estate mafia, failure
    in irrigation sector would be discussed in the general body meeting at
    Vijayawada. He slammed TDP Government for its incompetence in questioning the
    Telangana Government’s unlawful water projects on River Krishna and River

    mentioned the sand mafia, the robbery happening in Neeru-Chettu scheme, loot of
    endowment lands of worth thousands of crores of rupees for meagre cost of Rs.22
    crore and how the farmers had been troubled in the capital area when their
    lands had been unjustly snatched. He mentioned how Chandrababu had been caught
    offering money to buy MLAs in Telangana and how he had purchased MLAs in AP
    spending around Rs.30 crore on each of them. He questioned why Chandrababu was hesitating to order for CBI inquiry on corruption if it did not really happen.

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