Fight in Parliament for the benefit of State

Delhi: The YSRCP MP Mekapati
declared that different topics including the special status will be discussed
in Parliament. The all-party meeting held by Naidu in Delhi is attended by
Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy from YSRCP. In this meeting he stated that he brought
four points before the government.

Special status for AP, State
should be supported by Centre which completely lost in floods, in addition to fulfilling the promises of the law of the division asked the
MP to raise funds in Lodz. Stated that everyone asked to increase the amount to
25 billion. The country must respect all religions, religious intolerance will
no more be entertained by YSRCP, specified Mekapati.

Mekapati stated that the heavy rains from 20 days
has destroyed the state a lot. mentioned that Aqua farmers of Nellore district
are in huge loss. Similarly, paddy, leafy vegetables, banana plantations
involved in millions of acres are spoiled by the rains, stated Mekapati. He
mentioned that special status itself can support the development in the State
and demanded that the Centre should keep its promises. Mekapati mentioned that
YSRCP is ready to fight in the parliament to fight for the people and towards
the benefits of the State. 

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