Farmers Are Being Dragged On to The Road

Fair price should be announced for the produce
Farmers’ wing Nagireddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s farmers’ wing president MVS Nagireddy
stated that the Government’s way of declaring the Minimum Supporting Price
(MSP) for the produce was an indirect way of forcing the farmers to give up
agriculture. He mentioned that a mere rise of Rs.60 of MSP for the year 2016-17
was a severe blow to the farmers. He suggested that the central and the state
Governments had to look back what they had done for the welfare of the farmers
in the last 10 years.

Nagireddy reminded that the BJP Government had promised in 2014
elections the rise in production expenditure by 50% and decision of MSP
according to that. He also remarked that TDP had mentioned in its manifesto and
canvassed saying that profitable rate would be enabled to the benefit of the
farmers for the produce, as suggested by Swaminathan committee to get into
power. But later, the Government had raised meagre Rs.50 per quintal, he
complained. This year, the Government had raided it by Rs.60, thus forcing the
farmers onto roads, he mentioned.

Nagireddy expressed his concern towards the farmers of AP due to
not announcing justified Minimum Supporting Price. He slammed Chandrababu for
not trying to this into the notice of the centre since two years. He remarked
that this showed the affection Chandrababu had towards the farmers. He demanded
the central and the state Governments on behalf of YSRCP to announce a fair MSP
as per their manifesto promises. He also cautioned them to otherwise be ready
to face severe consequences.

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