Facilities provided for Chandrababu’s Gang while Struggle for the Devotees

Rajahmundry: The problems created by Chandrababu Naidu in the
name of Pushkaras are unlimited. He claimed and advertised a lot that he would
stay in Rajahmundry for Pushkaras but, his main preparation was only to be in
good terms with Media. He stated that he will perform his duties from there
itself. Because of this, the other Ministers, Higher officials and
representatives of other divisions formed a queue before him. In order to
provide all the facilities for the officials, arrangements are made by taking
the Government and private rooms by force. So, 80 – 90 % facilities are in
favour for these people. Further, in order to get good name before Chandrababu
Naidu, the Telugu brothers acted over smart. So, the small leaders occupied the
remaining facilities. Due to this, devotes who came for the Pushkaras had to
struggle for rooms. Especially, devotees who came with families including
women, elders and kids faced lot of challenges. Vehicles of devotees were
stopped on roads by police in order to allow the vehicles of Government
officials and Leaders. These incidents will definitely make a negative mark and
create fear in the minds of devotees about the holy dip during Pushkaras. As
Babu is also present in the same place, police also over acted. Added together
it affected the devotees a lot.

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