Endless Corruption Story of TDP

  • Chandrababu’s
    record in scams
  • Huge
    corruption within two years of rule
  • Boundless robbery
    and misuse of people’s money
  • Arrogance of
  • Vengefulness
    towards the opposition
  • False accusations,
    suspensions, crores of rupees of lure to MLAs

Corruption is now seen literally everywhere
in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In the two-year tenure of TDP, huge scenario of
corruption was uncovered. Chandrababu succeeded in finding a place in the
history as a leader who is involved in scams of value lakhs of crores of
rupees. Sand mafia, liquor mafia, land mafia, mining mafia, call money sex racket
mafia…the list continues. This story of robbery and misuse of people’s money
has commenced right from the day of swearing in ceremony.

Rs.1600 crore corruption during pushkarams, Rs.1300 crore corruption in
Pattiseema, lakhs of crores of rupees of corruption in the name of capital city
construction by unjustly snatching the lands of the poor and the dalits, Rs.400
crore robbery in the name of capital foundation ceremony, crores of rupees are being
robbed in all possible ways like sand, clay, coal, Genco tenders and projects.
Adding to this robbery are events, special flights, buses and 5-star hotel
meetings sponsored by people’s money.

after a few days of coming into power, Chandrababu’s Government earned resistance
from people. Opposition is growing in people on the Government for pushing
aside the attempts to realize the promises made to them and working for the selfish
benefit of the ruling party leaders. Chandrababu made a number of promises
prior to elections to people of various social classes but completely ignored
them after getting into power. People have recognized this atrocity. That is
why they turned against the TDP leaders who went out with the name of Janmabhoomi
and Jana Chaitanya Yatra.

no commitment to keep the promises they made to people and no courage to go
into people, TDP leaders chose to steam up their conspiracies in order to cover
up their failure. As part of it they are working on luring opposition party’s
MLAs with corruptly-earned money into their party, filing false cases against
them and targeting and suspending the MLAs who took the side of innocent people
in their fight for justice and well-being, exposing the Government’s faults.

and co. are plotting conspiracies to oppress the opposition which is voice of
the people both inside the assembly and outside. Not being able to see and
digest the affection received by YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS
Jagan, TDP resorted to weaken YSRCP by buying its MLAs with crores of rupees of
corrupt money. The leaders who fight against the Government’s corruption and
atrocities are being targeted and falsely alleged. In the assembly, discussion
on people’s problems is being obstructed by the ruling party leaders as well as
the speaker. The leaders of opposition party are being target to personal abuse
and withdrawal of microphone.

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