Elect a leader who cares for you

Tekkali (Srikakulam dist),
April 30, 2014: Reiterating that the people had undergone turmoil during the past
five years after the death of YSR, YS Vijayamma has said the time has come to
reckon and elect a leader who cares for your welfare and shows concern to
people’s issues and appealed to vote for YSRCP fan symbol which would
strengthen the hands of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who will bring back the welfare

Addressing a public meeting
as part of the YSR Jana Bheri here on Tuesday, she said: “The Congress
government after the death of YSR has put his welfare schemes on the backburner
and taxed the people heavily. TDP has joined with Congress and foisted false
cases against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and put him in jail though charges against
him were not proved.

Jagan on the other hand has
been with the people and had taken up the cause of farmers, students, farmers
and held dharnas and deekshas across the country. Even while he was in jail, he
had directed us to take up agitations.

His concern and commitment
matches to the vision of YSR and I appeal you to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and
elect him Chief Minister of the new state which will see development on a
fast-track and welfare to all sections of people,” she said.

We require numbers in the
Parliament and for that we need your precious vote which would enable us to
have a good bargain with the Centre in getting more funds and developing the
state faster.

Congress and N Chandrababu
Naidu are the main persons responsible for division of the state and went ahead
in axing the state for the sake of votes and seats despite strong opposition
from our side.

Now Naidu, whose
unconditional approval for dividing the state has led to the bifurcation, is
coming to people in the name of development and with false promises. Naidu has
never kept his promise and has reversed the TDP welfare schemes of NTR like Rs
2 kg rice, lifting of prohibition and scrapping the welfare schemes.

He is coming to the people
with tall promises which are not possible to implement like the waiver of farm
and DWACRA loans which exceed the state budget, one job per family which is
just impossible as there are 3.5 crore families in the state. Naidu has the
history of shutting down 65 PSUs and rendering 26,000 government employees
jobless a move which affected nearly 7 lakh workers.

His credentials are always
questionable and this time he has been promising “All Free” in desperation
without going into the logistics and feasibility.  

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on the
other hand has promised to sign five files on the day he assumes office. He
carries the legacy of YSR who has signed the free power to farmers and power
dues waiver files immediately after being sworn-in as Chief Ministers.

The five files will be Amma
Vodi which provides monetary assistance for education of two children from each
family, increasing pension to Rs 700, setting up of Market Stabilisation Fund
and Calamity Fund to help farmers in distress, waiver of DWACRA loans and
decentralization of administration.

He will also strengthen
Aarogyasri, build 50 lakh houses in five years and provide 150 units for Rs 100
besides rapid industrialization.

She also recalled YSR
welfare schemes like Aarogyasri which took quality medical treatment to the
reach of the poor, fess reimbursement and pavala vaddi schemes among others and
appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol.


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