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  • Corruption-immersed Babu pledging for no-corruption state!!
  • He is ridiculing people through this
  • Babu has no ethical right to impose pledge on people
  • Purchase of MLAs with corrupt money
  • YS Jagan slams Chandrababu during tour in Ananthapuram

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan commented that it was ridiculous of CM Chandrababu Naidu to make people pledge for a state free of corruption, himself being immersed in corruption. He demanded to know what ethical right Chandrababu had to impose this pledge on people after being caught in video and audio tapes red-handed while buying MLAs. He remarked that the CM was only mocking people through this act. As part of the fifth phase of Rythu Bharosa Yatra, YS Jagan toured in Tadipatri. Here are the details of his speech.

A thief miserably caught

Chandrababu was caught with audio and video tapes while trying to buy MLAs of Telangana during MLC elections in the state. Even after forensic investigation declared that the voice belongs to Chandrababu, he is continuing as the CM. He is buying MLAs with corrupt money even in AP spending Rs.30-40 crore for each of them. He already bought 17 of them. Where is he getting all the money from? Now this very same person is talking about ethics.

Corruption everywhere

There is no limitation for TDP's corruption. Sand, coal, land in the capital area..everything is suited for corruption by TDP. Babu is pocketing crres of rupees and registering acres of land in the name of benamis. Lord Amareswara Swamy's lands in Chennai is being sold to babu's benamis for only Rs.22 crore. This sort of a leader is imposing pledge even on kids and asking them to do it wherever they are.

Terrible lies

A handloom worker has committed suicide due to the burden of a debt of Rs.40,000 which had not been waived. DWCRA women have no food without hard work. False promises were made by Babu about waiver of their loans too. Interests on those loans are growing to be more burdensome for them. A meagre amount Rs.3000 is said to be sanctioned. He leads the line of liars, being the CM of a state.

Deceptive and untruthful rule

It was told before elections that Babu had to come to power for jobs to be filled. A stipend of Rs.2000 was promised for the unemployed. Later neither the jobs nor the stipend are to be seen. He has deceived people in all possible ways. Does Babu have the ethical right to ask people to pledge for a corruption-free state? His rule is filled with deception and lies. He witnessed and encouraged the state's bifurcation that day. He promised special status. He also suggested that it should be granted for 15 years. But now, he has dropped it.

Babu is scared

While Telangana Government is building projects on River Krishna and River Godavari, Chandrababu is not even questioning KCR, in spite of knowing that AP will not have water. He is just scared of having to face imprisonment if KCR furiously pulls out the Note for Vote case. He is also scared of threatening the centre about withdrawing his ministers in the direction of achieving special status, due to the fear of having to face inquiry on the corruption he had done during the last two years.

Relentless struggle

Contractors can face trouble when it comes to the state being benefited. We shall not step back for anybody. Chandrababu has no commitment towards the state's benefits. Why is Babu not disqualifying the bought MLAs? Why is he not making them resign to seek fresh mandate? Babu is in a dreadful situation of giving up ethics in order to buy MLAs. This proves how much he trusts his own rule.

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