Division will spell doom to Seemandhra

Chittoor, Sept 4, 2013: Continuing her diatribe on Congress for its unilateral
decision on bifurcation of the state, Sharmila on her second day of Samaikhya
Shankaravam Bus Yatra has said, the division of the state will spell doom to
the Seemandhra region which will have parched throats and barren lands as there
is going to be acute shortage of water for drinking and irrigation as well.

Addressing a public meeting at the local PCR College Centre on Tuesday, she said, “Congress is dividing the state for
political reasons without taking the sentiments of the local people into
consideration. They have driven us out of Madras then and now they are asking
us to leave Hyderabad.

If we are deprived of water and also the state capital where shall we go
and how the agricultural needs of the Rayalaseema region will be fulfilled and
how will the Polavaram project be completed, she asked and questioned where the
youth of this region go for jobs what will happen to their old parents.

When the state is passing such a critical phase, Leader of Opposition N
Chandrababu Naidu shows no concern at all. He played a key role in the division
of the state. His letter expressing full support to the division of the state
has emboldened the Congress Party to further the division process, she said.

The Centre would not have dared to take the decision of bifurcation but
for the letter of Naidu. After playing foul, Naidu started a Yatra to console
people of the region and where from could he gather moral courage is beyond
anyone’s comprehension.

YSRCP legislators, on the other hand, immediately after getting air of
the proposal of the division have submitted their resignations en masse
in protest. Congress and TDP leaders of the region are still hanging on to
their posts, she said.

All MPs of the region are submissive to the Delhi durbar and have
mortgaged the self respect of Telugu people. They have conspired to keep YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy away from the people as they could not face him politically,
she said.   

Setting aside the schedule, she addressed a public meeting at Palamaneru
which was attended by a large gathering.

“YSRCP demands that the state should be united as the Centre has failed
to do justice to all regions. It has lost the right to divide the state when it
cannot address the problems of all regions equally,” she said.

We have asked the Centre to do justice like a father and come up with a
solution that is acceptable to all regions. But Congress has tied up with TRS
and is playing the electoral game without considering the consequences.

Reiterating that Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for the division of
the state, she said, Amarnath Reddy, who was along with her, was with TDP for a
long time, so was his father.

Amarnath Reddy had quit TDP as he was unhappy with the style of
functioning of Chandrababu Naidu and has full faith in the leadership of YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy who will usher in the welfare state of YSR on coming to

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