Development Will Be Possible Only Through YSRCP

  • No recognition in TDP
  • Hence vote for YSRCP
  • No development seen anywhere
  • I will work for YSRCP's victory
Pedana Town (Eedepalli): Pedana Municipal Councillor of the 15th ward, Lanke Sravanthi, revealed that she had voted for YSRCP as she had not enjoyed any recognition in the 3-year rule of TDP. Speaking to the media after voting, she stated that lack of recognition and problems situated in the ward compelled her to vote for YSRCP candidate. She exclaimed that her pleas to the municipal chairman and the officials about problems in her ward had gone unheard.
Sravanthi revealed that she had to roam around offices for six months to get water supply connection for her own house. She complained that no development had been done in her ward and no funds had been sanctioned either. She added that same was the case in some other wards too. Stating that all these reasons had prompted her to vote for YSRCP candidate instead of TDP's, she confided that development of the city would be possible only through YSRCP.
Sravanthi remarked that MLA Venkat Rao was nowhere to be seen in the city except at the time of inaugurations and ground braking ceremonies. She informed that she would work for the victory of YSRCP, taking the party's president YS Jagan's struggle for the state's development as an inspiration. She condemned all the rumours created by TDP leaders about her being sold away to YSRCP. She challenged them to prove their allegations.
YSRCP has won Municipal Chairman and Mandal parishad Chairman positions in Pedana.
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