Deliberate Deletion of Voters' Accounts

Guntur (Patnam Bazar): YSRCP state secretary Lella Appireddy cautioned that they would not hesitate to fight in case of any irregularities that should happen in voter registration process for corporation elections. He suggested the Government officials to not become the puppets of ruling party leaders. Speaking  to the media at the party's office in Arandalpet of Guntur, he complained that the officials had deleted voter accounts as per the instructions of the ruling party leaders, killing transparency and ignoring regulations.
Appireddy demanded to know from the rulers and the officials, according to what criteria how many votes had been deleted in which wards of the municipality. He commented that the city had hardly seen any development in the 2.5 years of Chandrababu's rule. He complained that many votes in East and West constituencies had been deleted from the database due to the reason that the people in the areas were favouring YSRCP. He informed that a meeting would happen with important party leaders of the city on the 5th of this month to discuss the unjust behaviour of the Government and its officials and certain decisions would be taken. Participating in the meeting were YSRCP state General Secretary Janga Krishnamurthy, state secretary Ratamsetty Sitaramanjaneyulu (Lalpuram Ramu), Banda Ravindra Ravindra and others.
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