Corruption of Pattiseema project is exposed

Pumps from Handri Neeva are moved to Pattiseema

Over campaign for the arrangements and facilities

Pattiseema Pump is shut down!

Once again, the drama played by the government on the name of the Pattiseema is out. Without even fitting the proper pumps the Chief Minister Chandrababu claims about it and dedicates it to nation which is a clear trick. The pumps were brought from Handri Neeva project silently and fixed in Pattiseema and posing to give water to fool people. However, it has been closed even before 24 hours of its start. Handri Neeva lift old motor has been brought and fixed to the first pump and on the first day itself it stopped working. During concrete setting itself if created a doubt.  Further, they also claimed that they got the motor from Bhopal which was a lie. However, the missing motor near Handri Neeva proved that there was a mismatch and the drama played is out. Its bad to see that on the first day of initiation itself, it has been closed.

Fraud from the beginning..! 

The government does not do anything except doing campaigning and advertising about Pattiseema. YSRCP has proved the inefficiency of the Government number of times. However, the government supported Pattiseema neglecting the Richest project Polavaram just for the sake of commissions. From design to the Tender, everything is just a fraud. On 16th September, the motor has been brought in a hurry. Unable to properly align the pump, the contractors and officials left the situation. Without even fixing the motor itself, Chief Minister claimed that the funds are utilized well for the project. On 17th Motor has been fixed and it was turned ON on 18th. As the right side of the lake bust, it was closed on 19th

Corruption Mask slipped out! 

The Canal broke when one motor was set ON. Then, what would happen if all the motors are left ON? Questioned the Opposition parties. Engineers working in the project expressed their grief that despite telling about the low quality and hurry work, the project will be under trouble, Government is not bothered. Because of this corruption, instead of allowing water to Krishna, it has been diverted to Tammileru and Kolleru.


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