Corruption of Chandrababu in the midst of the cyclone

Visakhapatnam: Chandrababu regime is making efforts to grab commissions accepting help for Hud-Hud cyclone. It is daring to increase the shares of contractors. This had not left any advantage to the original beneficiaries. 

To help the Visakhapatnam district severely distrubed by the Hud hud cyclone, donations came from several places on a large scale. The government redirected these funds to different accounts and decided to construct houses at one point of time.  Overall 10 thousand homes are planned to be constructed in Norhtern parts of Visakhapatnam. 6 thousand homes in Visakhapatnam district,  2,500 district in Vijayanagaram and 1500 houses in Srikakulam is planned to be build previously. In the meantime, there was an entry of the tabedars and without any second thought the whole process is submitted to a private company without bothering about the rules to construct houses in Visakhapatnam district 

The officials estimated that to build a proper house, it takes not more than Rs. 4 lakhs. Anyways, as it is a referred company, the order was given estimating the cost to be Rs. 4.8 lakhs. Overall, while giving the overall order to be performed,  tried to corrupt during this 288.8 crores at the time of order.  So far it has been good. It has been very long time the construction of the houses begun. The total housing construction should be completed by the end of December. But, everywhere it has stopped near the foundations of the houses. There is no where any situation to be seen for the completion of works within 4 or 5 months at least. To drag the works, contractors are searching for all means. They are trying to raise the cost to 5.5 lakhs from 4.8 lakhs. Revised guidelines are released and trying to grab he money by different means. As the matter is related to CM office, the authorities here are unable to speak-out. As the houses are not being given to the cyclone victims, no one is bothered. Babu is making his propaganda about the completion of his one year by rallies and celebrations and he doesn't pay his attention for the care for the victims.



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