Continuing farmer suicides in Anantapur

Drought severity in Rayalaseema
Chandrababu deceives with Loan Waiver
Where is the end to migrations?

Hyderabad: The farmers in Rayalaseema were gravely suffering with miserable yields from agriculture. And the treacherous act of Chandrababu who deceived them by promising Loan Waiver is pushing them to the abyss. Only in Anantapuram District, in the past 15 months 103 farmers have committed suicides.

Chandrababu’s treachery
The state farmers have been deceived by Chandrababu very miserably. Before elections he assured that all loans will be waived of and later he didn’t even bother about his promises and the farmers. On one hand the loans were not waived off and on the other hand no new loans were available to the farmer, with this the farmer was trapped in debts. To the great misfortune of the farmer the nature also did not support them which is a very grave situation. Due to lack of agriculture works the farm workers started migration.

103 suicides in Ananta
The farmers in Anantapuram district were unable to handle the debt pressure and were also not able to find hope, which has forced them to commit suicides. In the past 15 months, 103 farmers have committed suicides. After Chandrababu came to power he became busy touring to Singapore rather than paying attention on farmers. He is passing time chit-chatting on Capital and Hi-tech. The Government is not taking any initiative in handling the situation in Ananthapuram and also the Government is not giving any hope that the situation would get better in sometime.  
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