Conspirators use CBI against Jagan


Taking forward the
conspiracy hatched against the YSR Congress Party president Y.S. Jagan Mohan
Reddy, the CBI unveiled its machination during the hearing of his bail petition
on Friday in the Supreme Court and played the role of villain in ensuring bail
was denied to Jagan.   

The CBI’s ploy that it
needed more time to complete the investigation has only been the extension of
the conspiracy hatched against Jagan by Congress and TDP long ago and while
covering its failure to ferret out any evidence against Jagan all these months
of investigation, the CBI is also trying to project TDP government’s misdeeds
as those of the YSR regime.

There were signs of the
strengthening of the conspiracy against Jagan when the TDP MPs met the Union
Finance Minister Chidambaram on Thursday followed by a phone call to him by TDP
chief Chandrababu Naidu.

Hours after the meeting
and the phone call, the conspiracy was exposed lock, stock and barrel when the
Enforcement Directorate issued notices attaching the properties of Sakshi and
those of some companies which invested in the Jagan-owned companies.       

Even legal experts were
shocked to hear from Supreme Court that Jagan can’t seek bail till March 31,
2013 which is the deadline given for CBI to complete the investigation. The
entire show by CBI indicates that the conspiracy against Jagan is being
sharpened further and further by the conspirators.

The main essence of the
case is quid-pro-quo investments into Jagan-owned companies for allotments of
land and granting of concessions to some companies during the YSR regime. But
instead of probing the decisions of the governments first, the CBI is only
trying to find out the sources of investments into Jagan companies.

It must be noted that
the issue of quid-pro-quo arises only when the decisions of the Government
allotting land and extending concessions to the companies are found to be
wrong. However, without ascertaining the wrongness of the decisions, how can
the CBI probe the investments? If the decisions of the Government are not wrong,
the investments also couldn’t be wrong.


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