Conspiracy against Jagan all the way


The developments surrounding the Jagan case have clearly established that
the Congress and TDP have entered into a conspiracy against Y.S. Jagan Mohan
Reddy in an unprecedented manner.

When Congress leader Sankara Rao wrote a letter to the High Court making
allegations against Jagan, TDP leaders followed suit after exchanging the
contents of the letter with him.

Is it not a conspiracy? Are not the contents of Sankara Rao’s letter the
same as publicized by the yellow media? Sankara Rao was later given a
ministerial berth in the cabinet. Is it not a quid-pro-quo transaction?

When the High Court ordered for an initial probe into Sankara Rao’s
letter, the same was challenged in the SC which said the HC would issue further
instructions only after examining the probe report. “You will be given the
contents of the report,’ the SC told Jagan’s counsel. But the HC passed on
orders for a full fledged probe later without showing the contents of the initial
probe report to Jagan’s counsel.

The then HC chief justice NA Kakru defended his action saying his orders
were not based on the initial probe report. When the decision was challenged in
the SC, the apex court too defended the decision saying there was no harm in
continuing with the probe. “Why do you worry when you made no mistake? Let the
probe continue,” said the apex court.

After retirement, Kakru, who doesn’t know Telugu, was given the
lucrative post of the Chairman of the AP Human Rights Commission. The decision
was later challenged in the HC.

CBI, which should find out whether Jagan committed a crime or not,
proceeded with a different note. The agency made up its mind that Jagan
committee a crime and went on to collect evidence against him by conducting
raids with 30 teams on the properties of Jagan and his investors within 48
hours of the HC orders. If it is not a conspiracy, why didn’t CBI show the same
speed in Bofors, 2G and Coalgate scams?

Why did CBI arrest Jagan when he was about to attend the court on
summons? Was it not aimed at denying anticipatory bail to him? Is it not a
drama of the higher ups? What exactly does CBI want to arrive at finally?

When the probe was not complete, why did CBI leak the probe details to a
section of the media controlled by pro-TDP chief allies to defame the YSR

Whenever the bail petition of Jagan came up for hearing before courts,
CBI came out with sensations in a planned manner to obstruct bail for Jagan.
The ‘bail for sale’scam and the leak of CBI’s objections to the appointment of
its counsel by the Centre were only part of the conspiracy to deny bail for

Is it not a conspiracy on part of TDP leaders to meet Chidambaram a day
ahead of the hearing of the Jagan’s bail petition in the SC? What else proof is
needed to show that TDP has conspired with the Congress to deny bail to Jagan?

(Updated on Oct,09,2012)

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