Cong should tell its stand first

December 26: Reiterating that Congress, being the main player in the UPA
Government, has to spell out its stand on Telangana first and then elicit the
views of other parties, YSR Congress has said all opposition parties should ask
in unison to force the ruling party to tell its policy on the issue.

“Congress has
been skirting the issue all these years and the December 28 All Party Meeting
should be convened only after the major party tells its stand,” Party leaders
Kontala Ramakrishna and Bajireddy Goverdhan told reporters here on Wednesday. 

There were two
All Party Meetings earlier on December 7, 2009 and January 6, 2010 and some
parties had done a U-turn on the issue while Congress did not speak its mind
out but only repeated that they will leave it to the High Command. 

Later there was
a Sri Krishna Committee which has submitted its report and the Government did
not react to it which shows that it has no seriousness on the issue. 

“We will take a
decision on the issue and finalise the names in the meeting to be held
tomorrow,” they said. 

Congress has
been dillydallying with the issue since long and TRS has been behaving in a
questionable manner in word and deed which is not a parliamentary practice,
they said. KCR has been adopting double standards. On one hand he has been
saying that All Party Meeting is a farce and on the other he has been asking
other parties to say whether or not they are for Telangana. 

TRS instead of
trying to dictate its terms on other parties should join the opposition parties
in demanding that Congress should make its stand clear on the issue, they

If Congress
wants to pass a Bill it will do, even if it is not acceptable to majority of
people as it happened to the recent FDI in retail issue or the earlier 123
(nuclear) agreement, they said adding that Congress should come clear to
establish its sincerity. 

The Centre also
has the option of creating a separate state under article 3, if it really wants
to, thy said.

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