Cong. TDP responsible for division

Dhone (Kurnool dist), Sept 6, 2013: Holding Congress and TDP equally
responsible for the bifurcation of the State, Sharmila has demanded that N
Chandrababu Naidu along with his MPs and MLAs should quit the offices before
joining the Samaikhyandhra movement and asserted that YSRCP stands for a united

“Naidu has given an unconditional letter or the division of the State
which has become the triumph card for Congress to go ahead with the partition
of the state. Before any damage could be done to the State, I demand that the
TDP President and his leaders quit the posts and join the movement instead of
half-hearted attempts,” Sharmila said during her ongoing Samaikya Shakaravam
Bus Yatra in Kurnool district here on Thursday.

Taking strong objection to Naidu’s remarks that there is a link between
Italy and Idupulapaya, she said, “Such remarks only show the hollowness of the
TDP leader. If that be the case, why should Jagananna be in jail? He should
have become a Union Minister or Chief Minister of a State, she said taking a
dig at Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.

“It was TDP which has had links with Congress on umpteen occasions from
panchayat to Parliament elections and people are fully aware of it. Naidu has
acquired his freedom by having a secret pact with Delhi Union Home Ministry.
Had things gone well, Naidu would have been in the dock in connection with the
IMG and Emaar cases,” she said.

It was the tacit understanding that Naidu has with Congress that made
him give his consent on many occasions for dividing the State. After all the
damage is done, Naidu now going on a Self Respect Yatra is ridiculous. To undo
the damage the he has done to the State, Naidu should first resign from the
assembly, ask his MPS, MLAs and MLCs to quit and then go the people to express
solidarity with them.

He cannot give support to one region by giving an official letter on one
hand and go to the other region and fight for their cause. He cannot fight from
both sides of the fence, she said.

Congress and TDP are jointly responsible for the present crisis in the
state; YSRCP leaders have quit their posts when Congress was making moves to
split the State. We asked the Congress to call all stake holders and hold
discussions before taking any decision.

Recalling the term of YSR, during which welfare got a lion’s share and
all sections of the people were happy with Aarogyasri, Fees reimbursement, Pavala
Vaddi, Free power and other schemes, Sharmila said, in the four years after his
death the Congress has done away with most of his welfare schemes and have been
taxing the people heavily.

As if this is not enough the Congress government has decided to axe the
state into two for political considerations.

“We reiterate that the Centre cannot separate the state if it cannot
provide with an amicable solution acceptable to all regions. As it is clear
that the Centre cannot do justice, it has no right to divide the State and our
stand is to keep the state united.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will come out and lead the state to turn it into a
welfare state,” she said.           

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