Cong. committing historic blunder :Sharmila

Kadiri (Ananthapuram), Sept 5, 2013: Asserting that Congress is on the course
of committing a historic blunder by bifurcating the state with the
unconditional support of an irresponsible main opposition TDP, Sharmila has
said that YSRCP is the voice of the people and demanded the Centre to keep the
State united as it failed to do equal justice to both the regions.

“The state is being split only for political gains and if justice to all
the regions cannot be done, the Centre has no right to bifurcate the state and
should maintain status quo as there was no effort to address the issues of both
the regions and judiciously weigh the practicability of the exercise,” Sharmila
said at a public meeting as part of her Samiakhya Sankharavam Bus Yatra here on Wednesday.

YSR Congress was the first to react on the impending situation and the
MLAs had quit en masse protesting against the proposal of CWC to divide the
state. How many public representatives from other parties have quit even after
the CWC decision was announced, she asked.

Had Congress and TDP leaders also quit along with YSRCP legislators,
Congress would have bowed down and reversed its decision. But their priorities
are different while TDP has given its unconditional consent to Delhi Congress
is aiming at winning some seats and votes in one region by having a
 tie-up with a sub-regional party.

Congress leaders contending that there is consensus on the division is
rubbish as YSRCP, MIM and CPM are opposed to the division. YSRCP demands that
status quo should be maintained as the Centre is unable to address the issues
that would dog the divided state.

Reiterating that the state will face hardships for water and the
Krishna-Goavari regions as well will turn into deserts due to lack of water,
she said, “we are getting water only after the needs of the upper riparian
states are fulfilled. If another state comes in between, where will Nagarjuna
sagar, Srisailam and Handri Niva project draw water from? Though national
status has been accorded to Polavaram, where will the water come from to the
ambitious project?”

“Congress is asking us to vacate Hyderabad and build another capital in
10 years. It took nearly 60 years to develop Hyderabad. How can we build a
capital in ten years? Where will the youngsters looking for jobs go to, if not

More than 50 per cent of the revenue is generated from Hyderabad. If it
is taken away where do we have money for implementing Aarogyasri, fees
reimbursement and other welfare schemes? The state government has already
punctured the YSR welfare schemes to the maximum possible extent and it will
pay for the goof-up in the ensuing elections.

Even a person like Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has acknowledged the
fact that the State would not have come to such a pass had YSR been alive.
Fearing that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would continue his legacy, Congress and TDP
had conspired and kept him away from people. But a lion is a lion even if it is
in a den and he will one day come out and bring in the welfare state of YSR,
she said amidst rapturous applause.

While tempers are running so high and people are hitting the roads to
express their dissent, Chief Minister, PCC President, MPs, MLAs and MLCs are
least bother and are moving like puppets with Delhi pulling the strings.

Leader of Opposition, N Chandrababu Naidu who has given his
unconditional nod for the division is now ironically going on a Yatra unmindful
of his bungling. He is the main person responsible for the division as his
letter has given the courage to Congress to go ahead with the irrational
bifurcation, she said.

She also recalled the association of YSR with the area and said YSRCP
demands that the Centre should drop its idea of bifurcating the State and keep
it united.

Later, addressing a public meeting at Ananthapuram, Sharmila reiterated
that Congress has no right to divide the State when it cannot solve the issues
of the regions.

 “If you have no intention to solve the issues, you have no right
to divide the State,” she said amidst thundering applause from the public. Both
Congress and TDP are determined to shred the State for their selfish gains
giving scant respect to the sentiments of the people, she said.

YSR Congress has told much earlier that all stakeholders should be
called and all issues should be taken into consideration before taking any
decision, but Congress has no respect for democratic norms and is going in an
authoritarian way.  YSRCP is with people
and under the leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, justice will be done, she
said. Her Samara Sankaravam Bus Yatra will proceed to Kurnool district touching
Dhone on Thursday.     

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