Condolences To The Victims of The Flyover Collapse

YSRCP president and leader of
opposition YS Jagan expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased
in the collapse of flyover in Kolkata.

At least 24 people were
killed and more than 60 were injured as two parts of an under-construction
2.2-km-long Vivekananda Flyover collapsed in a congested market area in
BurraBazar, north Kolkata, on Thursday afternoon. A 100-metre (330-ft)
section came crashing down suddenly on a crowded street around lunchtime,
crushing pedestrians, cars and other vehicles under huge concrete slabs and
metal. The death toll is likely to increase as scores of people inside vehicles
were trapped under the collapsed bridge.

In light of this, YS Jagan
conveyed his condolences through social website Twitter to the familes of the
departed people and wished for fast recovery of those who had been injured in
the collapse.

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