Cinema shown by Singapore

Hyderbad: The Cinema shown by
the Singapore team in developing the Capital city is going beyond the
imagination. In the name of Capital formation, Chandrababu and Team with the
support of Singapore is making the people to immerse in the graphic magic’s
which is no way less than a Hollywood movie. In the name of Master plan
procurement from Singapore, ground work is done in giving the original contract
to the Singapore team itself. This is creating doubts on the Government leading
to conspiracy.

1. Who takes the
responsibility of Andhra Pradesh Capital? Is it with Central Government or

2. Why these
advertisements about Singapore giving the master plan without even expecting a

3. How can it be
possible to create beautiful buildings at one place?

4. Without even having
the money in hand, why are they running behind international standards of

5. How about the other
places if the investments and developments are done only at one place?

6. This could be a
diversion plan in order to avoid the conspiracies faced.

7. How about the
farmers and laborers?

8. Five villages are
losing their identity though it has been claimed that the villages are not
going to be touched in any way. Why?

9. How about the
future of farmers who gave their lands?

10. Why are they
choosing Swiss Challenge method?

11. When Singapore is
not having experience in high end constructions, why are they still at the back
of them?

12. If the
construction will go on till year, 2050, how about the general public?

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